Handmade is our middle name.

Step into any of our shops, and nearly everything that you see has a handmade touch. The products on our shelves are all lovingly handmade by devoted compounders who slice, squeeze and mix up fresh batches every day of the week. If you’ve got a packaged product, you can see who compounded it and when by peeking at the face sticker on the back of the bottle or pot. Even these stickers have a handmade element: our graphic designers draw the cartoon versions of our compounders’ faces by hand.

Our commitment to handmade doesn’t stop there, because our shops are carefully handcrafted too. All the beautiful reclaimed wood furniture that gives our shops their signature look is constructed in our very own woodshop in Vancouver, Canada. And the slogans you see on our shop walls have all been handwritten by experts on our shop design team.

We like knowing the exact conditions under which our products and shops are produced and outfitted, and which materials are used. This way, we can ensure that everything we use is of the highest quality and has been ethically sourced from beginning to end.

Ever since our humble beginnings, handmade has been a part of our story. It’s not just part of our name; it’s part of who we are.

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