We put an enormous amount of love and care into every product we make, and it’s important for us to work with suppliers who do the same.

When sourcing ingredients for our products, we like to know where they come from, how they’re made and how they impact the communities that produce them. To look into these questions, we have a dedicated Ethical Buying team that works hard researching and meeting with suppliers and producers to ensure that they—and the materials they sell—meet our standards.

Sometimes our buyers work to find local sources within our own communities, but when this isn’t possible, they travel worldwide to visit potential suppliers. On these trips, they trace the ingredient’s journey from planting to harvest to processing to ensure that the process is ethical from start to finish. Through these visits, our buyers build close relationships with growers and producers, while helping to maintain sustainable practices and fair conditions for workers.

We believe that every ingredient we buy should have a positive impact on the community from which it’s harvested. Buying from small-scale producer groups gives us the opportunity to drive positive change, encourage sustainability and form long-lasting relationships with people all over the world.

Watch a day in the life of one of our ethical buyers!

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